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CSS POS Software

CSS software is a business software which is a highly productive retail tool to small and medium size business  with affordable price.   It is a system that transforms a business unit into highly structure and efficient trading system.

CSS software is a  retail software which include Stock control and purchase, Sale and Service, Sale report and reorder processing.  It is easy to install and take an hour of learning to  start operate this software.  In addition, this software can use English or Bahasa Indonesia for its interface and report.

As CSS software is able to perform Cash payment, invoicing, and installment payment, it is suitable for all retail business.

System requirement for this POS Software is any CPU with 2 Gita Ram, Minimum SVGA 1024X768 Display, Win 7 or above, 500 MB Hard disk space and support the following equipment


Online Software installation, Support  and Maintenance.

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CSS Software

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2. Online training

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4. The acquisition and preparation of computer hardware including computer systems, printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, pole displays and other essentials

5. Trouble shooting for computer hardware, such as printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, pole display etc.

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