Text Box: CSS 1-2-3 (Sale Cycle)
Before anyone starts using the CSS POS Software, please take a few minutes to understand the following CSS 1-2-3 concept. This concept will apply to all business as long as the business involves fees (money) collection. The users are strongly suggested to apply this concept when using the CSS POS Software where this concept will speed up the user understanding of the software.









Text Box: Step 2. Sell/Transaction: Cash or invoice sale of the Product List. Product quantity will be decreased if it was sold, and it will increase if return.











Text Box: Step 3. Sale Result (or sale report). Sum up the sale result, include Sale total, money collected, total invoice, fast moving product, product item remaining quantity
Text Box: Step 1. Prepare Product List. Prepare business product or service to be sold, including Stock List (Service List), PO(purchase order), and Item Production.